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All Saints’ Day Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings Images Cards

All Saints’ Day Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings Images Cards

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It iz all Stints Day & here Hoping that. May the SAINTS Choicest Blessings B Showered upon U Today & Always…!!!
The day which v fear as our Last is but the Birthday of Eternity…!!!

Poet: Lucius Annaeus Seneca…!!!
For Death is no more than a Turning of us Over from time 2 Eternity…!!!

Poet: William Penn…!!!
Death iz The Supreme Festival on The Road to Freedom…!!!

Poet: Dietrich Bonhoeffer…!!!
Iz Death The Last Sleep? No… It iz The Last & Final Awakening…!!!

Poet: Sir Walter Scott…!!!
For In That Sleep Of Death, What Dreams May Come…!!!

Poet: William Shakespeare…!!!

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