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Halloween Day Quotes and Sayings

Halloween Day Quotes and Sayings

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We need: Vampires, ghosts, witches … Really looking for people like you to join us on the night of Halloween.

I am preparing my home for Halloween. I need ugly things that scare and wanted to know how much you charge per stand in my driveway.

The night of the witches coven of the undead, the most magical night of the year where the border between the realm of the dead and the living becomes thinner. Anda careful not to fall into a terrible trap. Happy Halloween!

Give me a moment I must disguise myself. You’re so perfect … – Not all are fortunate enough to be ready as always.

I’m afraid of fear, fear of spasms of my delirious mind, the fear of this horrible feeling of incomprehensible terror. I’m afraid of the walls, furniture, household objects are animated by a kind of animal life. I fear above all the confusion in my mind, the reason that escapes me nebula scattered mysterious distress.

If tonight you are afraid of ghosts, do not worry I’ll be there by your window watching with a broom, and if you cold give me a voice, and I go under.

The fears are there to be supported. No man is brave, but knows that fear.

Halloween is the day we are reminded that we live in a small corner of light surrounded by the darkness of the unknown. A small excursion outside perception used to seeing only a certain way, a little look into the darkness.

The night is dark, the night is darker now … have to be afraid! Dark Night of fear and a strong wind blowing out … If you walk in my castle I’m gonna suck your brain. If you go running out the door, and you’ll be amazed eat in one bite. Good Halloween!

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