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Halloween 2017 Wishes: Best Quotes, Messages and Greetings for Exciting All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween 2017 Wishes Best Quotes, Messages and Greetings for Exciting All Hallows' Eve Images, wallpapers, photos, pictures downloadHalloween, one of the most anticipated holidays, is here. Also known by names such a ‘Allhalloween’, ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ or ‘All Saints’ Eve’, the celebration is held by a number of countries every year on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian fete of All Hallow’s Day or All Saints’ Day.

Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (or guising), attending costume parties and wearing scary or weird dresses, making jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, divination, apple bobbing, visiting haunted house attractions among many others.

But all this is immaterial without a piece of sweet greeting and wish of the festive season for one’s loved ones. Here we bring you a compilation of best quotes, messages and greetings and wishes for Halloween to be shared

Quotes or Wishes:

  1. “As spirits roam the neighbourhoods at night, let loose upon the Earth till it be light…” – Nicholas Gordon from poemsforfree.com
  2. “Eat drink and be scary” – Unknown Author
  3. “A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” – Erma Bombeck, American humorist
  4. “Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.” – Author Unknown
  5. “Halloween wraps fear in innocence, as though it were a lightly sour sweet. Let terror, then, be turned into a treat…” Nicholas Gordon from poemsforfree.com.
  6. “Nothing on Earth is so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.” – Steve Almond, American short story writer and essayist.
  7. “Hark! Hark to the wind! ‘Tis the night, they say, When all souls come back from the far away –The dead, forgotten this many a day!” – Virna Sheard, Canadian poet and novelist
  8. “Where there is no imagination there is no horror.” – Sir Arthur Canan Doyle, Author
  9. “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” – Mason Cooley, American aphorist
  10. “Tis now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out Contagion to this world.” – William Shakespeare
  11. “Proof of our society’s decline is that Halloween has become a broad daylight event for many.” – Robert Kirby, American writer
  12. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown.” – HP Lovecraft, American horror writer
  13. “Tis the night – the night of the grave’s delight, And the warlocks are of their play; Ye think that without the Wild winds shout, Bu tno, it is they – it is they.” – Arthur Cleveland Coxe, second Episcopal bishop of Western New York
  14. “Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, Voices whisper in the trees, ‘Tonight is Halloween!'” – Dexter Kozen, Scientist
  15. “Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite, All are on their rounds tonight; In the wan moon’s silver ray, thrives their helter-skelter play.” – Joel Benton, American writer, poet and lecturer

Messages and Greetings:

  1. “Halloween is not just a time to scare people or be overwhelmed with the eerie night. It’s also a time to share with those people you love so dear. Happy Halloween!”
  2. “The mind is the cradle of fears. The mind is also the battleground to cast these fears away. Enjoy your Halloween.”
  3. “Halloween is not a time to build your tower of fears, but to edify your faith.”
  4. “Raise your spirits for some spooky treats. It’s a banquet we’ll have to enjoy.”
  5. “Fear is just a mere word, unless crafted and developed in the believer’s thoughts.”
  6. “It’s nothing, but masks and costumes out in the streets/ Witches, vampires and goblins we’ll meet/ Just make the most out of the Halloween’s night/ Even though spiders will make you scream with fright!”
  7. “You wouldn’t believe/ On All Hallow Eve/ What lots of fun we can make, / With lots of fun we can make, / With apples to bob, / And nuts on the hob, / And a ring-and-timble cake.” – Carolyn Wells, American Author and Poet
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