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Funny Halloween Sayings for Friends, Family and Love ones

Make your friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors laugh with funny Halloween sayings. You will be the talk of the town on this spectacular night thanks to our unique and funny sayings. You will surely be the talk of the town and have everyone howling with delight when they read your funny messages.

Funny halloween quotes and sayings

Funny Halloween Sayings

Halloween is the one time of year where grown women can dress like hookers and no one will care.

Halloween Funny Sayings for Childrens

If you have no time to buy a costume, go to your Halloween party in a suit, and say you’re a hit man.

People who dress up as food items on Halloween should preferably not be allergic to the food they’re pretending to be, because it’s way too ironic.

Halloween quote with wallpaper funny

As a kid’s costume, a princess wore a full gown and held a scepter. As an adult’s costume, a princess wears six-inch heels and holds a tequila bottle.

The caveman outfit is the one costume that works for a man of any age. Just put on a sheet and grab a baseball bat. You’re done.

Funny Halloween Quotes

When you’re in college, trick or treating still goes on at Halloween; it’s just that the treats are performing different types of tricks.

With the recent vampire craze, it’s no longer cool to dress like one for Halloween. Thanks, Twilight.

Don’t laugh at the people who come to the door dressed in costume on Halloween. They usually have the best candy.

Halloween is usually the best time to wear the ugliest piece of clothing you have in your closet and pass it off as your costume.

When a little boy gets locked in the closet with a witch, it’s the worst thing in the world.

When he grows up, it’s a dream come true.

Funny Halloween Quotes for Family Members

If you’re going to TP a house on Halloween, make sure it’s a house you didn’t get candy from. There’s no use ruining things for next year.

Hell is actually a cold and lonely place. Anyone who tells you it’s hot has probably never been there.

Believe it or not, cash works as a Halloween treat. It’s like getting a gift card for Christmas.Funny Halloween Quotes for Friends

Having a werewolf for a girlfriend isn’t bad. At least you know she’ll never tell you to shave without looking like a hypocrite.

It’s impossible to create an Invisible Man costume. Everyone can and will see that you’re naked. You’ll just be Naked Man.

If you hate Halloween, it’s only one day. On November 1, you can start Christmas shopping.

The monsters will feast on your blood this Halloween! Well, maybe they won’t, but they will make cocktails with it.Halloween funny image with saying

The monsters will feast on your blood this Halloween! Well, maybe they won’t, but they will make cocktails with it.

Danger doesn’t lurk at every corner; it’s just hanging out, waiting for Fear and Horror to show up.

Impending doom is worse than pending doom. At least you can reschedule pending doom.Animated FUNNY HALLOWEEN QUOTES IMAGES

Fear Itself is actually Fear’s full name. No one actually calls Fear by its full name, though, because they’re too busy screaming.

Anyone can pass as a “serial killer” for Halloween if they dress in their regular clothes and carry a chainsaw.

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