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Funny Halloween Day SMS Messages, Quotes, Poems

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Funny Halloween Day SMS Messages, Quotes, Poems:

Welcome to the enchanted castle where even the good will be spellbound, this is the magic of a night in which even the funniest take the potion of sweets, Happy Halloween!

Tonight I hope to see many spirits. Please do not leave home, as they may not appear more frightened.

That girl said, “Come to my house, if there are ghosts.” I went home and there were none.

That the mystery and magic of Halloween surprises and overflowing with jokes and pranks, fear and horror from becoming a night of fun and joy. Happy Halloween!

You’re adorable, friendly, intelligent, and above all are a ghost. Happy day ghost.

What luck! Tonight is Halloween, so it will not need to wear the mask.

That the October 31, is a reason to have fun with the ghosts. One more reason to celebrate you monstrosity. But above all, a festival in which no missing witches. Happy Halloween!

We improvised a small cemetery full of scares. We want you to join us on the scariest night of the year.

Even the witch’s cunning can separate our friendship.

Manoli, tonight I wish you were a devil to get you to go into my hell … Happy Halloween.

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