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Famous Quotes about Halloween – Trick or Treatings Quotations

Raise your spirits, cook up some ghost stories, and make eerie looking Jack-o-Lanterns. Halloween is fun for grown ups and kids alike. Especially when you throw a bizarre Halloween party.

Halloween brings out the thrills and chills of the season. Whether you are an adult or child, you will love this festival. Kids love candy raids during trick-or-treat. I mean, what better way to collect hoards of candy than by scaring adults off? I for one, would love to be a child just for one Halloween night.

Adults don’t miss out on their fun too. Apart from Halloween theme parties, there are many attractions one can visit. Find out about the most happening haunted house parties in your town. Or meet up with friends for a round of spooky stories and beer. If you’d rather spend time with family, the best family project would be to carve out jack ‘o lanterns with the entire family. Never mind, if you have to throw away the pumpkins after a debacle while carving. The activity itself is the fun element of the holiday.

Join your kids as they go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. You can keep a close watch on them, and also enjoy the funny reactions of your neighbors, as they see a motley group of witches and warlocks raid their house. Happy Halloween! Let the fun begin.

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Famous Quotes about Halloween

Theodosia Garrison

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go
Back to their quiet graves below.

William Shakespeare
‘Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world.

H P Lovecraft
The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

Shakespeare, Hamlet
Be wary then; best safety lies in fear.

J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.

Shakespeare, Macbeth
Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Marianne Williamson
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

Eric Hoffer
You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.

Sir Francis Bacon, Essays of Death
Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Where there is no imagination there is no horror.

Victor Hugo
There is a sacred horror about everything grand. It is easy to admire mediocrity and hills; but whatever is too lofty, a genius as well as a mountain, an assembly as well as a masterpiece, seen too near, is appalling.

Emily Dickinson
One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.

Shakespeare, Macbeth
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

William Motherwell
Men say that in this midnight hour,
The disembodied have power
To wander as it liketh them,
By wizard oak and fairy stream

Joel Benton
Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite,
All are on their rounds tonight;
In the wan moon’s silver ray,
Thrives their helter-skelter play.

Erma Bombeck
A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.

Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.

Arthur Cleveland Coxe
‘Tis the night – the night
Of the grave’s delight,
And the warlocks are at their play;
Ye think that without
The wild winds shout,
But no, it is they – it is they.

Dexter Kozen
Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!

Henry C Link
Fear is nature’s warning signal to get busy.

Virna Sheard
Hark! Hark to the wind! ‘Tis the night, they say,
When all souls come back from the far away–
The dead, forgotten this many a day!

Joseph Conrad
There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery.

Mason Cooley
Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

Robert Kirby
Proof of our society’s decline is that Halloween has become a broad daylight event for many.

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